Community Projects

At CCI, we believe in being part of the solution – and that means being involved in community.  CCI has a rich history of community work, since its start at the Highland Park “Energy House” to being a key player in the “Green Neighborhoods Initiative” that served 16 Pittsburgh neighborhoods with sustainability planning.

We partner with other nonprofits and organizations to teach people about their homes and how to make them comfortable, how to protect themselves from common hazards like carbon monoxide and lead paint, and to be “energy smarter.”

Recent speaking engagements & events include:

  • Home Performance Coalition national conference
  • Blight Bootcamp workshop
  • Women for a Healthy Environment conference
  • Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance annual conference
  • City of Pittsburgh Resilience Fair
  • Pittsburgh Area Realtor Education Day

Grassroots Green Homes is a community engagement program to educate and involve residents in making lasting improvements to their homes’ energy efficiency and whole-house performance. Click here to request more information on the program.






Grassroots Green Homes


Grassroots Green Homes is a place-based home performance program designed to increase home efficiency and health while also changing occupant behavior.  The program harnesses the power of neighbor-to-neighbor interaction by engaging community members through neighborhood liaisons, called Energy Coaches, and brings together energy efficiency experts, contractors, and residents—sparking actions to save energy, money, and carbon.

Beyond the traditional weatherization strategies and upgrades, Grassroots Green Homes also focuses on improving awareness and connections to resources to address health concerns such as lead, mold and radon.  

Neighborhoods Served:

Oakland and Uptown - GGH is wrapping up its pilot round in Pittsburgh’s Oakland and Uptown neighborhoods, which kicked off in May 2016, serving both homeowners and renters. This round layers funding and resources from our partners: GTECH Strategies, Uptown Partners of Pittsburgh, Oakland Planning and Development Corporation, Peoples Natural Gas Company, Duquesne Light Company, Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh, The R.K. Mellon Foundation, and The Heinz Endowments.

Central Northside - CCI just kicked off this round of GGH in February 2017, in collaboration with Allegheny City Central Association, with the goal of weatherizing 20 homes in the neighborhood and providing community outreach and education events.

Homewood - We are currently exploring opportunities to bring this project to Homewood.


Healthy Homes Incentive Program

The Healthy Homes Incentive Program has been transferred from GTECH Strategies to CCI as of Spring 2017.  This assistance program provides support to homeowners who are undertaking energy efficiency projects in their homes by offsetting a portion of the costs.  CCI plans to align the efforts of this program with those of Grassroots Green Homes in addressing home health and weatherization in a holistic way.



Art+Energy Camp Pittsburgh 2015 was a dynamic partnership between the Land Art Generator Initiative, Conservation Consultants Inc. and Homewood Renaissance Association – and the campers who were involved.

The Camp was made possible with the generous support of the Three Rivers Community Foundation, the Heinz Endowments, Google Community Grants and the R.K. Mellon Foundation.

This unique six-week summer camp in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh gave 20 middle school kids an education in energy science, climate science, art, design and solar power installations. They toured a nuclear facility, hydro-power generating station and a coal-fired power plant, among other activities.

Ultimately, the campers designed a public artwork using solar panels (4kWp) to generate renewable energy.  Fifteen solar modules have been installed in an arrangement that was conceived by the students with the principles of the Land Art Generators Initiative in mind.


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