What We Do

Conservation Consultants Inc. (CCI) is a Pittsburgh-based 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 1978 to advance healthy, whole home performance. Our mission is to help families, small business owners and communities create healthier homes, shops, and neighborhoods as they get energy smarter. 

Today, we emphasize Technical Expertise, Education, and Advocacy in order to achieve healthier, more energy-efficient places to live and work. We conduct energy audits, quality assurance reviews, lead testing, and community-based engagement programs and workshops.

CCI has cultivated a team of trained, technical professionals to teach residents and professionals and to conduct energy audits on residential and small commercial/non-residential structures.

What's New at CCI?

CCI is in the midst our most ambitious year yet. Throughout 2019, we’re focused on delivering what our region needs now: healthy, efficient and affordable homes! The “No Place Like Home” event series will help showcase and support CCI’s work while creating a fun and inclusive atmosphere that can be enjoyed by anyone!

This year, we’re “doubling down” on the core services that we provide: helping homeowners through our Sound Home and Grassroots Green Homes programs to have high-performing homes. In these programs, our technical experts deliver energy audits, conduct lead and mold testing, coach homeowners on best options, and coordinate contractor-installed measures. 

We recently hosted our speaker series event, “Stepping Up: Achieving Green and Healthy Homes,” in which national leaders in energy efficiency and healthy housing came together to discuss the intrinsic link between dwelling place and individual health and well-being. You can learn more about some of these links from our previously released white paper: “The Case for Healthier Homes: Recommendations for the Pittsburgh Region.”

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