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CCI’s Home Energy Showcase is a competition calling on Pittsburgh-region homeowners to take action to reduce the portion of their greenhouse gas emissions tied to their home. The Home Energy Showcase starts with an audit from  CCI's Sound Home Plan. What is Sound Home Plan? Watch this quick video to find out!

CCI’s certified and experienced energy auditors are here to help you understand opportunities to improve your home’s performance. Through technical expertise, and easy-to-understand reporting, YOU can move towards LOWER energy waste and a HIGHER performing home! 

Taking Charge: CCI's Home Energy Showcase

The annual COemissions produced from an average home in the Pittsburgh region are a whopping 13 tons. When added up, they make up 25% of Pittsburgh’s total greenhouse gas emissions, as reported in the latest Climate Action Plan. Increasing your home’s energy efficiency and changing a few behaviors in how you use energy can substantially decrease these emissions and your personal carbon footprint.

The 2019 cohort of 54 Home Energy Showcase participants have taken the first step in reducing their carbon footprint. With an average saving potential of 4.7 Tons of CO2 per year, this group of Pittsburgh area residents are working together to address an essential piece of Pittsburgh’s climate mitigation plans.

Recognition and cash awards will be provided to winners in three categories of home-energy performance improvements competition. Registration is currently close to be a cash-award-eligible participant, but you can still get involved as a LATE ADDITION CONTRIBUTOR and have your home energy savings added to the collective totals of the entire cohort!

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How Can YOU Get Involved?

Sign up as a late addition contributor. That's it! You won't be eligible for cash prizes, but you can still use the form at the top or the bottom of the page to take the first step in upgrading your home and becoming a part of CCI's Home Energy Showcase! 

For the Showcase itself, it all starts with an energy audit  which will highlight potential upgrades to improve the efficiency, health, and safety of your home. You will have eight months to make any changes, and we ask that you commit to making at least one. It can be as simple as changing all lights to LED or as complex as reducing the air leakage from your house by 50%. Share your progress with your fellow participants, and compete in making energy reductions to take home one of our three coveted awards! 



Okay, give me the details!

CCI’s Home Energy Showcase journey starts with an energy audit from the Sound Home program, offered at a reduced rate of $375 for a standard home*. From there, you will have the knowledge and access to available resources to make the home upgrades that work best for you and your family! We suggest three main ways to increase your home’s efficiency, health, and safety:

  1. Work with a contractor to perform major home improvements. A home energy contractor can perform specific upgrades from your personalized list of recommendations in your Sound Home Plan report. CCI will connect you to vetted and certified contractors who can perform common energy improvements, such as sealing air leaks in the home, adding insulation in the attic and/or walls, weatherizing or replacing doors and storm windows, or replacing inefficient HVAC equipment. Each of these actions can considerably improve your home’s energy efficiency.


    • This is undoubtedly the step that will have the greatest impact on your at-home energy reductions. It is strongly encouraged to consider the long term benefits of making such changes (as a climate action, for comfort, health, durability, and eventually, pocket book too, as home energy improvements do pay for themselves in the long run) even as they come with a larger price tag than the next two items.**
  2. DIY actions taken for home improvement.

    • Your personalized energy audit will also include recommendations for DIY home improvements, such as adjusting programmable thermostats, turning off a second fridge, or upgrading to LED lights. If you are handy, any measures listed in 1 can also be executed as DIY!

  3. Undertaking of additional conservation practices/behavioral changes that impact energy use.

    • Small day-to-day behaviors also matter and add up! Examples of such changes include unplugging electronics when not in use (cutting phantom loads), decreasing hot water use, air drying laundry. A list of potential actions will be provided to participants and we ask that you self-report undertaking these to CCI.

*For houses more than 3000 sq ft./more than one furnace or boiler, additional charges apply

**For those worried about the initial cost of contracted home upgrade projects, there are some options available in PA for financing energy efficiency improvements:

  1. PHFA HEELP loan - With 1% interest rate for PA homeowners with incomes below 150% Area Median Income.
  2. NEIF Home Energy Improvement Plan - All income levels are eligible.
  3. Allegheny Home Improvement Loan Program - Eligibility restrictions are included in the link provided. Residents of the City of Pittsburgh are not eligible for this loan.
  4. URA Loan for Income-Qualified Residents of the City

Time is of the essence. If you decide to participate in the Showcase, we strongly suggest that you start on the process of making plans for improvement as soon as possible after receiving your energy audit report.


CCI’s Home Energy Showcase is designed to help homeowners make a commitment to improving their home with an emphasis on energy and carbon reductions. Upgrading one’s home can be a large, but rewarding, project. In order to tackle it, it is important to make a plan, choose a point to start and continue to work towards an overall goal to improve home’s efficiency, durability, and comfort. Beyond the competition, we encourage you to pledge to review your energy audit yearly and set goals for continued home energy improvements!




ALSO, check out CCI's Sound Home Plan Program page to see what to expect from our audit and view past projects.


Current Participant Statistics

Name Affiliation Year Built Size of Home Household Size Tons of COPer Year Therms of Gas Per Year KWh of Electricity Per Year Energy Saving Potential
Matt Mahoney KEEA 1910 1380 sf 4 12.6 t 1,559 7,108 50%
Kathy Hrabovsky & Michael Oppenheimer 3R Sustainability 1939 1906 sf 2 13.4 t 1,560 8,774 36%
Meghan Scanlon   1939 1287 sf 1 7.8 t 981 4,190 33%
LN B.   1988 3751 sf 3 12.4 t 1,146 10,425 29%
Mike S.   1900 3696 sf 4 19.9 t 3,081 5,890 38%
Flore Marion   1910 3152 sf 4 21 t 2,739 10,674 48%
Sarah States   1910 2466 sf 2 12.5 t 1,572 6,849 23%
Aftyn G.   1934 1435 sf 1 8.4 t 1,033 4,786 67%
Gail Harper   1951 1878 sf 2 10.5 t 1,088 7,729 29%
Erika Strassburger   1920 1704 sf 3 12.6 t 1,734 5,591 36%
Peter Cormas   1920 1336 sf 2 8.7 t 941 6,007 37%
Bryan Pendleton   1920 1780 sf          
Thomas Hoffman   1915 1404 sf 1 8.6 t 1,070 4,723 19%
Stephanie G & Rob F.    1920 1170 sf 2 10.8 t 1,324 6,237 31%
Anna F.   1954 3957 sf 6 24.1 t 2,764 15,458 18%
Sylvia Francis   1930 1,436 sf 1 8.5 t 1,340 2,310 51%
Jessica Semler   1900 2,538 sf 4 17 t 844 20,491 42%
Adriana D.   1988 5,546 sf 4.5 27.9 t 1,428 33,368 24%
Patrycja and Erik Garrett   1936 1,690 sf 4 8.9 t 1,053 5,494 20%
Christian Pegher   1925 1,978 sf 3 11 t 1,299 6,722 39%
Agnieszka Sornek   1948 1,316 sf 3 8.8 t 939 6,222 24%
Kenneth Dorsey   1910 2,495 sf 4 17.1 t 2,403 7,217 39%
Ed Wrenn   1900 2,405 sf          
Anne R.   1900 3,326 sf          
Scott & Lori F.    1923 2,166 sf          
Constance Mayer   1899 1149 sf          
Kristie S.   1925 1,950 sf          
Angelica S.   1920 1,440 sf          
Martina B.   1923

1,814 sf

Gregory O.   1910

900 sf

Mark S.   1957 2,608 sf          
Andrea DeVries and Howard Degenholtz   1896 3,810 sf          
Kate C. & Dan G.   1941 1,092 sf          
Katie A.   1975 2,458 sf          
Evan M.    1922 1,514 sf          
Mike Phillips   1950 3,701 sf          
Delia W.   1950 1,260 sf          
Charles K.   1920 4,142 sf          
Elisabeth U.   1920 1,700 sf          
Robert S.   1959 3,023 sf 2 10.5 t 701 11,140 29%
Patrick Duffey   1930 1,378 sf          
Matthew Broerman   1920 1,224 sf 2 8.7 t 1,232 3,491 38%
MB & AR   1910 2,450 sf          
Fred B.   1910 1,898 sf          
Cari K.   1916 1,834 sf          
Derek D.   1911 2,064 sf          
Simone V.   1900 1,810 sf          
Jason H.   1930 1,350 sf          
Jennifer Fox   1929 2,174 sf          
Lindsay Dill   1910 1,568 sf 1 11.3 t 1,862 2,411 52%
Christine Graziano   1920 2,295 sf          
Adam Bertonaschi   1940 1,311 sf          



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So, what are you waiting for?
Upgrade your home today! Fill out this form to get more information and get started.

Call us at (412) 431-4623 today!