Lead Paint Testing

Lead paint poses a serious health risk. We can help you to determine if your house’s paint, soil or water contains elevated lead levels, but our focus is on lead paint. Only lead paint testing can be conducted on-site, using an X-ray fluorescence analyzer – commonly referred to as an XRF device. Typically, a CCI team member will spend a few hours at your home or business location to complete the assessment. We visually inspect the site, and we use the XRF device to check painted surfaces for lead levels. We collect samples of any visibly peeling or chipping paint, along with dust swipes from multiple locations.

CCI’s staff has completed training and testing to earn U.S. EPA’s accreditations as Lead Risk Assessor and Lead Risk Inspector. Plus, we ship your samples to an independent, licensed laboratory which will provide reports to us in less than a week. We’ll compile our information and the lab test results into a comprehensive report for you, along with any recommendations for remediation or abatement.

CCI offers a basic package of testing, assuming that we will be in 8 rooms in your home. We adjust our fees should your space be larger or smaller. All lab fees for testing your soil, water and paint samples are added to the base fee.  

Booking a lead paint testing appointment,  or asking for more information,  is simple – just contact Jeaneen or Alison and we will follow-up to discuss your project and set-up and appointment – whether your house, or somewhere else.  If you are a tenant, we’ll provide a form for your landlord to complete prior to our testing work.

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