Services For Utility Partners

CCI has provided services to regional utility firms for the past 20 years, providing robust, comprehensive services to help utilities to serve their customers in need of financial or conservation assistance.

Utility companies trust CCI to help them to serve lower wealth households through usage reduction and emergency services programs and/or to implement programs for customers affected by mandated energy conservation programs such as Pennsylvania Act 129 of 2008, now in its third active phase since June 2016.

Services for utility companies range from conducting field visits as quality assurance inspectors to providing complete program development, management and implementation. CCI’s team has worked on various mandated and voluntary utility programs, such as electric and gas Low Income Usage Reduction Programs (LIURP), natural gas Emergency Repair Fund programs, and water saving programs. We touch thousands of homes each year on behalf of utility providers; supervising multiple weatherization contractors across programs; directly conducting in-home education and energy assessments; completing data entry and tracking; and managing million-dollar budgets. We strive to provide inter-utility services whenever possible and pragmatic.

CCI’s team works hard to help our utility clients meet required goals to comply with Public Utility Commission filings and to courteously represent our clients as an extension of their team, whether on the phone or in the end-user’s home. Our team members are screened to meet exacting utility company standards related to background criminal checks and drug testing, and the firm maintains appropriate liability insurances and professional credentials for performing building sciences and weatherization assessments and work.


CCI Utility Services 
Program Development & Management Services Technical Expertise Services
  • Establishing or complying with program operations protocols
  • Providing regular program management services, client meetings and program statistics tracking
  • Dispatching contractors for energy audits, weatherization work and emergency repair programs
  • Reviewing and approving scopes of work and cost proposals
  • Processing and paying contractor invoices and tracking expenditures
  • Conducting program outreach and lead generation activities – phone calls, mailings, data mining, community speaking events, etc.
  • Conducting outbound calling to customers
  • Scheduling home appointments
  • Handling inbound calling and inquiries
  • Properly tracking, flagging and resolving contractor and  customer complaints
  • Hiring and managing weatherization contractors
  • Entering data into proprietary utility back-office systems and cross-training our staff in these systems
  • Ensuring customer data security and meeting server and IT security requirements
  • Providing inter-utility referrals and coordination
  • Referring residents to additional social service agencies when appropriate
  • Performing in-home walk-though energy assessments, from checking refrigerators and other major appliances to looking for behavioral conservation opportunities.
  • Teaching customers to interpret their utility bills, to understand their household’s usage reduction opportunities, and how to access resources such as CARES and Customer Assistance Program (CAP) programs from utilities.
  • Conducting full or abridged Building Performance Institute (BPI)-style “energy audits,” including gas leak testing, thermographic imaging, combustion testing, calculating for “confined space” issues, running a blower door test and performing other in-home diagnostic testing to evaluate, identify and prioritize opportunities for energy efficiency improvements.
  • Developing scopes of work and associated reports based on energy audits.
  • Ensuring value for utility clients and their end-users through quality assurances inspection services.


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