About CCI

Founded in 1978 as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, CCI's mission is to help families create healthier homes and get energy smarter. CCI achieves its mission through education and the identification of efficiency improvements that helps its customers to save money by reducing utility bills, improve personal comfort, health and safety, increase awareness of the positive benefits to our economy and national security afforded by energy efficiency and renewable energy, and protect and preserve the environment by reducing the use of natural resources

In fulfilling its mission, CCI has gained local, national, and international recognition as an organization capable of managing and delivering a wide variety of cost-effective energy and resource efficiency programs ranging from low income usage reduction programs to providing consulting services to the Czech Republic. 

CCI's mission depends upon strong partnerships with public utilities, government agencies, foundations, other nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses. Each year our partnerships allow us to improve the lives of citizens by providing over 5,000 energy audits of homes and buildings, education services to over 1,000 students and young adults, and distribution of 1,800 water savings kits across the Commonwealth. The Pennsylvania PUC recognizes CCI as a Certified Conservation Services Provider (CSP).

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